I have an absolute passion to educate women and their families about childbirth - My classes are fun and packed with tricks and tips to help you achieve the best possible birth.

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In view of the recent COVID-19 I want to reach out to you during this culturally and challenging time. A few simple measures are being implemented during classes to ensure the safety and well being of us all.  Please note Tuesday classes are no longer available – Saturday classes have the same content. 

  • Reduced class sizes from 5 couples to 4 couples to meet current government advise in line with social distancing.
  • Please all bring your own water bottles
  • Hand-sanitizer will be supplied.
  • Most of all this is still a special time for you your partner and your baby so bring a sense of humour.

These simple measures show all of our willingness and ability to help one another during these challenging times.

thank you.


I have an absolute passion to educate women and their families about childbirth – My classes are fun and packed with tricks and tips to help you achieve the best possible birth.I have been teaching childbirth education for the last 13 years.

Birth can be a postive and enjoyable experience and Labour with Love classes will help you feel relaxed and capable of connecting to your body your baby and your birth partner.

As a mother of two, a registered midwife child health nurse and a tutor at WSU with with more than 15 years experience I love being able to
contribute to the care and support of women and their families.
Join me on a journey of education, fun and learning !!!!

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Michelle’s classes are so special. Such a kind, caring, welcoming woman with the brightest smile that lights up the room. She tells you absolutely everything you NEED to know and truly cares about your wellbeing and ensuring she gives you all the knowledge to feel prepared.

Michelle is an incredible birth teacher full of passion who connects with all the parents making sure everyone understands – she is very clever in the way she communicates and explains it all mixed in with a lot of fun, laughter, science, practical advice and years of experience.

I finished the course feeling incredibly confident, excited and empowered ready for birth. Michelle takes away all your fears and helps everyone feel strong and capable.

I really looked forward to our Tuesday evenings with Michelle and was so guttered when it ended that I wouldn’t be seeing her every week – her energy, positivity and knowledge is so powerful, an incredible woman I am in awe of.

I reccomend Michelle’s classes to everyone! They are completely unique and better than any of the other courses available. I promise you will feel more prepared, more confident, she diffuses all your fears, empowers your partner and strengthens your relationship. Michelle also makes a delicious meal for everyone to sit down together and get to know each other – this creates an environment where you can really connect with the other parents and relax in a casual setting. Labour is one of life’s biggest unknowns, something you can’t plan – but after doing Michelle’s classes you will know you have done the best thing possible to be as ready as you ever could be.

Harriett Bartlett

Michele’s knowledge, first hand experience and genuine warmth made our antenatal course truly enjoyable. The intimate setting (including a delicious meal!), small group size and Michelle’s positivity and humour turned a process that could have been clinical and daunting into something exciting and fun. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Michelle, and this course, to anyone looking to arm themselves with the knowledge and support needed to confidently bring their baby into the world, in the way that works for them.

Nathan and Rebecca, North Bondi

They say that nothing can really prepare you for the transition to parenthood, but Michelle’s prenatal classes challenge that theory! All the key information we needed, delivered in a fun and relaxed environment, with a small group and even home cooked meals! Will continue to recommend to everyone I know having a baby. Thanks Michelle!

Daniel Feeney

From before I fell pregnant I had the vision of having a natural childbirth with as little intervention as possible. Michelle’s birthing class was perfect for me as she discussed at length the labour process with what was to be expected at each stage, ways to cope with the pain for a natural birth and how my husband can be involved and feel included. Leaving the class I felt empowered and excited about giving birth.

From when my waters broke, my husband who before Michelle’s class had zero knowledge of childbirth, was my rock, helping me through labour, keeping me calm and implementing what we had been taught, which saw me get to the hospital at 10cms dilated and ready to push!

The birth of my son was such a beautiful experience for both me and my husband and I’m so thankful that I attended Michelle’s classes, as without a doubt, if I had attended classes via the hospital, I wouldn’t have felt prepared for a natural birth and probably wouldn’t have had one.

Melissa and Marc

Simply put, Michelle’s antenatal classes were wonderful.

My husband and I enjoyed them so much; we looked forward each week to our Tuesday evening class.
Michelle has a beautiful warm and bubbly energy and an infectious laugh that put us at ease and made us feel instantly welcome.

Michelle provides up-to-date evidence-based information in a simple and matter of fact way and helps to debunk myths around birth and dispel unfounded fears.

She made me feel empowered and capable of giving labour and birth my best shot.

The cosy setting for the classes in Michelle’s home and the beautiful supper provided help to create a really special atmosphere and a special connection for the couples that attend.

Big love,

Em, dave and Louis

My husband and I attended Michelle’s antenatal class in November 2017 and we are so glad we did! Michelle is a very experienced midwife with years of skill and knowledge centred around labour and the birthing process. She is so passionate and professional this was evident while attending her class. The group was small and went all day my husband and I preferred this to attending the weekly larger classes. Michelle taught us about all the stages of labour and what to expect, what to do and what our partners could assist with. She covered topics on various unexpected issues that could occur and again this was very helpful especially as my delivery ended with a cesarean section. Despite this I felt calm and knew exactly what to expect thanks to Michelle.

Throughout the day Michelle provided us with delicious brain food to keep us going!

We would highly recommend attending this class it was interactive and informative the small group also made it feel more comfortable especially when asking questions.

Kind regards


My husband and I were expecting our first baby and we are both people who like to know all the facts and to get as much information as possible. Michelle’s classes went through absolutely every aspect of birth and life with a newborn. What was most important was that she educated us on what would happen if things went wrong. Our birth did not go anywhere near what we planned but thanks to Michelle we knew what was happening, the risks and benefits, and it enabled us to make the best decisions to ensure the safest arrival for our little baby girl. Thanks, michelle!

Millie Cornish

Michelle’s course was the perfect one for us. She doesn’t just speak at you but she really teaches and engages her audience through humour. We loved how she involved us in the learning process and we felt really confident that at the end of it we were ready for whatever happened to us during the birth process.

Michelle is honest and caring. We loved the small class and we find the support network tremendous. Our bubs are friends already and will be for many years to come.

Thank you Michelle for everything that you’ve done for us on our baby rearing journey so far.

With gratitude

Jess, Frankie & Baby Charlotte

Thank you Michelle for the brilliant classes in birthing calmly. We really appreciated all the useful information, coping mechanisms and hands on techniques to use during labour, which we used throughout! Understanding the background behind the use of interventions and ways of coping without it provided us with a good insight, helping us through the labour without any.  Your friendly and funny demeanour made the classes all the more enjoyable!

Thanks again,

Alexandra Webb

My husband and I really enjoyed Michelle’s antenatal classes. These classes were exactly what we needed and were a huge help to us both. It prepared us so much for what was to come and it gave us a much deeper understanding of labour and birth. I would highly recommend Michelle as she made us feel very comfortable and made it a very enjoyable experience.

Not only that,Michelle also took the time to catch up with our group after we had all given birth, which I thought was a lovely touch.


Being overwhelmed by all the different types of baby classes out there, we were glad we chose Michelle’s intimate class which was held over 2 weekends in her lovely home. We met 3 other couples who were just as clueless as us and after the second weekend, we left feeling not only educated on everything from pre labour to daily tasks with the baby but we also felt empowered and excited to the journey ahead. Michelle made the two weekends just lovely and packed full of everything we needed to know. We would highly recommend to other future parents and we really feel that Michelle’s information and techniques made for a really good labour for us

Elizabeth, Robbie and Florence


Labour with Love offers the perfect gifts for your blessing way or baby shower. Consider hiring a tens machine or paying for classes - that way your gift will be remembered.

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