Only qualified Midwives teach all the Labour with Love classes.

Payment is required when booking a class. If you are unable to attend due to premature labour you will be fully refunded.

Classes are run from Maroubra in the comfort of my home. If you are having a private class that can be either in Maroubra or at your home. Extra charge maybe required for excessive travel time.

A sense of humour thats all.

You need to bring your birth support partner/coach. They will be educated on how to support you whilst you labour.

Yes you can but it is useful to bring the person who is going to support you during the labour. Our midwives are great at making everyone feel welcome. The classes are fun and rather entertaining.

The best time to book in for the start of the 4 sessions is between 30 -33weeks. Doing classes at this gestation keeps information fresh in your memory and most of what you learn is relevant for when your baby is considered term (37-42 weeks).
For the class on a Saturday book at between 33 – 36 weeks.

If you need to have a C-section it would be better to have an individual or private class to prepare you for the birth of your little one. Please complete the on line form.

That would depend on a variety of factors. This is one of the reasons classes are taught by midwives with experience. Please email and we can advise what would be best for you and your situation.

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