Private Classes

Private Classes

Labour with Love is different – its taught by midwives with years of experience. It teaches you to understand the process of labour and uses evidence based knowledge to help you make decisions that are right for you. Labour with Love is about empowering you and installing confidence no matter what turn your birth takes.

Here’s what you will get from the class:

  • All your questions answered by qualified midwives
  • Understanding the birth process
  • Relaxation and coping techniques
  • Confidence to face the unknowns
  • Managing expectations
  • Trust in birthing the birth process
  • Tools for pain management
  • How partners/coaches and companions can help
  • Personal growth, bonding as a couple
  • Breastfeeding and newborn care
  • Share the journey to parenthood with others


Private Session

There are many situations in which private classes would suit you and your partner.

As all Labour with Love facilitators are experienced midwives we are able to understand what is required in preparing for different medical complications.

Private classes can be useful for women who have specific medical problems or requests.

Private sessions are for couples that might be time poor OR for women have previously had a traumatic birth.

Perhaps this is your partner’s first baby and you wish to prepare him for a support/coaching role.

Perhaps you hate group work

Whatever your needs Private Sessions can be tailor made to suit you. The program can be tailor made to you and your partner and family circumstances.