Saturday Classes

Saturday Classes

Labour with Love is different – its taught by midwives with years of experience. It teaches you to understand the process of labour and uses evidence based knowledge to help you make decisions that are right for you. Labour with Love is about empowering you and installing confidence no matter what turn your birth takes.

Here’s what you will get from the class:

  • All your questions answered by qualified midwives
  • Understanding the birth process
  • Relaxation and coping techniques
  • Confidence to face the unknowns
  • Managing expectations
  • Trust in birthing the birth process
  • Tools for pain management
  • How partners/coaches and companions can help
  • Personal growth, bonding as a couple
  • Breastfeeding and newborn care
  • Share the journey to parenthood with others


Birth Savvy classes

Run on a Saturday book at between 33 – 36 weeks

From the French savvy to know. Taught only by midwives

Our birth “Savvy Classes “ are for those who want to get the inside scoop on child birth. The aim is to educate you to know – to understand the choices you make and how these will impact on your birth. These classes will help you understand the process of birth and stack the odds in favour of having a positive birth experience reducing the need for intervention.

These classes are fun honest and jam packed with tips and tricks to have the best possible birth.

Run on Saturday’s in small intimate groups with a breakfast, lunch, and afternoon tea provided. Get together once all babies are born.

This class offers those who are time poor a chance to pack it all in in one hit, meet other couples and have fun.