Tuesday Classes

Tuesday Classes

Labour with Love is different – its taught by midwives with years of experience. It teaches you to understand the process of labour and uses evidence based knowledge to help you make decisions that are right for you. Labour with Love is about empowering you and installing confidence no matter what turn your birth takes.

Here’s what you will get from the class:

  • All your questions answered by qualified midwives
  • Understanding the birth process
  • Relaxation and coping techniques
  • Confidence to face the unknowns
  • Managing expectations
  • Trust in birthing the birth process
  • Tools for pain management
  • How partners/coaches and companions can help
  • Personal growth, bonding as a couple
  • Breastfeeding and newborn care
  • Share the journey to parenthood with others

Where and when ??

Classes run in for 4 consecutive Tuesdays from 6:30pm – 8:30 pm. They are held at the same time and place at my home in Maroubra.

Classes are small with no more than 4 women and their partners and a small supper is provided. Please notify when booking of any dietary restrictions.

When to book ?

The best time to book in for the start of the 4 sessions is between 30 -33 weeks. As I teach so many classes I have a bit of experience on when one should take a class when it’s to early and when it’s to late. The motivation to learn is not as great when the belly is small as when the belly is large and birth is a month away. Doing classes at this gestation keeps information fresh in your memory and most of what you learn is relevant for when your baby is considered term (37-42 weeks).


Class 1 Gaining Insight

This class is about getting to know the 4 other couples that are on the same journey and all around the same gestation (weeks pregnant). We explore the pelvis and baby – how does that fit though?? This is our first introduction to labour hormones and how they affect your labour. We look at the stages of labour and begin to dispel the myths (there are plenty) and teach you and your birth partner/coach to start looking at the positives. After supper we explore choices and watch an incredible birth video or two.


Class 2 Finding your power

Labour coping mechanisms commonly known as pain relief, this is the class that really grabs your attention. We look at all the possible non-medicated and medicated options for you to choose. This is all real now and this class is about finding your power. We learn coping skills the tools to promote progress and plenty of tips for the support person. After this class you will know about all the stages of labour as will your birth partner/coach. They will learn about their unique important and vital role supporting their loved one in a completely unfamiliar and challenging experience. Together we will build these skills and birth support people will be prepared for birth not just informed about its mechanics.


Class 3 Understanding the unexpected

By now you will have a total understanding of the process of birth so we add in those little curved balls and discuss common hospital policies and procedures – interventions (how to use them so they don’t use you). We discuss common ‘things’ that may occur in your labour and teach you to advocate for yourself with your care providers. We prepare for the possibility of having an unplanned caesarean section. After supper we have some fun discussing our strengths, weakness, and us what we have learnt about the journey and ourselves so far.


Class 4 Embracing breastfeeding and the Amazing newborn

Tonight is our last night and its party topics are breasts and bubs. This class helps the couple prepare for breastfeeding. The class will include practical advice on getting started, avoiding problems, and building confidence in those early days.

What do I do now the bub is here?? This class helps the couple prepare for those early days at home and the immediate post birth stuff. We discuss newborns and communication, feeding cues, cuddling, swaddling, sleeping expectations (or the lack of), and skills to help survive.