A little more on the benefits of massage

Studies have shown a greater weight gain for infants who receive massage from their caregivers. Massaging the baby’s whole body stimulates the nervous system, and includes stimulating the vagus nerve. The vagus nerve is known as  “the wander”, as it winds through the body and reaches many of our organs. It is responsible for calming and this in turn stimulates gastric mobility which helps weight gain. Massage also helps to boost baby’s immune system by creating a “rest and digest ” effect through the stimulation of their parasympathetic nervous system. So keep massaging, enjoying not only the emotional effect but knowing the health benefits for your little bundle. For questions and guidance please contact Labour with Love and leave a message for Veronica Hedgeous. Professional baby massage instructor

Baby Massage

This is my blog and for those of you who know me it’s all about the love (oxytocin), the love you have for your partner and your baby.
Baby massage is about learning to communicate your love for your baby through touch. It may only take 10-15 minutes but the benefits will last much longer. Some of the many great joys of baby massage are bonding, less crying and increased confidence in caring for your baby. As babies learn through their senses, touch and rhythmic movement are the most powerful forms of communications between babies and their parents. Massage stimulates the baby’s central nervous system and this results in improved digestion, enhanced emotions and coordination. Learning the right massage technique is important and it is a skill for life. Labour with Love has a qualified instructor to teach you, so you and your baby can enjoy the amazing benefits of massage .
My next blog will explore how massage can help with regulating the digestive tract and boosting the immune system.